3 Tarotscope Predictions That Will Help You Navigate Latinx Family Gatherings This Holiday Season

Photography / Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)
Esoteric Esa
Esoteric Esa

This season can be tough for many as we gather with our Latinx families to celebrate the holidays. Most of us aren't ready for the invasive "When will you have kids?" or "Y el novio?" preguntas. Then there are the unsolicited and fatphobic comments about our appearances, like "Maybe you shouldn't go back for that second plate." Yeah, fam, it's a lot. Let's be honest, sometimes la familia can be toxic. Looking for some insight as to how the family gathering might go? Searching for some spiritual guidance as you navigate overbearing personalities? We love our familia, but sometimes they really test our patience and further perpetuate our traumas.

The tarot theme for the holiday season is the Strength card in reverse. With this energy, it is easy to feel a lack of confidence, some self-doubt, and vulnerability as it is in the reverse position. When the Strength card is upright, it represents empowerment and courage. What you can anticipate is yourself or an energy around (maybe a family member) could feel disconnected from the family function. This is an energy that asks us to explore any unresolved internal conflict contributing to our lack of self-esteem. What's the trigger?

Here's your Bruja Holiday Tarotscope to help you plan ahead and stay grounded through conscious awareness and accountability. Read on for our three Tarotscope predictions for the 2021 holiday season.

Learning to Say No

It's important that you learn how to say no this holiday season. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but trust me, it will be just as liberating. As Latinxs, we're taught to oblige to demanding elders or parents. This dysfunctional relationship is gaslighted as respecting a distorted authoritative style that convinces us we're not grateful. For our first prediction, we're sensing an energy in the cards that is encouraging a pledge to self. It's all about learning how not to feel guilty when putting yourself first this holiday season. Everyone might expect you to drop everything you're doing because you're back home. There could be an assumption for you to answer to everyone's demands. The Strength card in reverse reminds you to assess where you're shortchanging yourself. Yes, help out when you can, but also understand this is a time for you to relax and rest equally.

Holiday Anxiety

Some of us have grown so accustomed to anxiety from an early age, as a result of survival, that it's become the norm within us and in our Latinx homes. Everything is an emergency, and many miscommunications evolve into agitated bickering or full-blown fights. Thus, anxiety. The Strength card in reverse eludes to bad habits that negatively affect us. If you're feeling anxious at the thought of gathering with family, this is a sign that you might not feel safe enough to be you. This anxiety can also stem from not truly being able to disconnect from commitments or work.

Release Fear of Perceived Failure

As first-gens, there's a lot of pressure to meet cultural, family, and personal expectations. Our final prediction hints at a possible fear of perceived failure from family and their projections. There could be a lot on your shoulders to succeed or make it out of the barrio. Maybe you're aware that your family forces their own narrative of success onto you. This holiday season can bring up a lot of discussions, like: Why did you quit your job during the pandemic to pursue selling art? Why did you waste your college degree to become a musician when you had your future lined up to be a successful attorney? This is a season of being true to yourself and showing up as your authentic self. Don't let others drown out your dreams with their desires.

How to Handle

Overall, this is a chance for you to say no more often and with confidence this holiday. Heal your inner child without feeling guilty by putting yourself first this season. With the Strength card in reverse, you are asked to do so with compassion and grace over hostility. The Strength card is about taming your inner beast and understanding when to go ham in situations. This 2021 Bruja Holiday Tarotscope emphasizes standing your ground and doing so with healthy confidence. Remember that saying yes all the time is saying no to ourselves.