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Ariana Grande Fangirls Over Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

Ariana Grande Fangirls Over Demi Lovato's and Selena Gomez's New Albums

Everyone in social media is singing their praises about Demi Lovato's Saturday Night Live performance, including boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama who said Demi killed it and SNL was a "crime scene" β€” see what he did there? But the sweetest compliments about her new sound and album, Confident, came from Ariana Grande. The "One Last Time" singer tweeted a sweet note to Demi saying she was impressed by her vocals on the record, with Demi immediately retweeting the message, saying it "meant a lot." After, Ariana continued showing her love for female singers by saying Selena Gomez's Revival is "effing good," adding she loves "nothing more than seeing young women doing what they love & kicking ass at it." Selena then responded with a simple "Amen." Keep scrolling to see the love fest between the three singers, then check out Demi's incredible SNL appearance.

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