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Beyoncé Is a Fan of Soccer Player Arturo Vidal

Is Beyoncé a Fan of Soccer Player Arturo Vidal?

Beyoncé somehow finds the time to release music and collaborations like it's no big deal, be a total badass, a caring mom, a fashion icon, and also a soccer fan — yes, you read that right. The singer totally surprised her fans waiting at the airport in Haiti, where the singer is on a humanitarian trip, with her soccer knowledge. When a few Chilean fans started screaming the name of their country, Beyoncé shocked them by responding with Arturo Vidal's name — a Chilean who plays for Juventus in Italy. The crowd quickly broke into cheers to show their approval. Is there really anything Bey can do wrong? Keep reading to watch the video.

Image Sources: Getty / Francois Nel and Getty / Kevin Mazur
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