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Easy Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes

This Is Seriously the Best Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We know you already know it's important to clean your collection of makeup brushes often. But we also know that you're most likely not doing it — laziness gets the best of us. We promise, though, that after watching this superdetailed video by beauty vlogger Desi Perkins, you'll feel inspired to finally wash those tools.

In the clip above, Desi shows us not one, not two, but six easy ways to get your makeup brushes and sponges squeaky clean. There's the DIY version with dish soap and olive oil, the nifty and fancy process using a brush cleaning mat, and even the simple way using a bar of soap. No matter what process you end up selecting, it'll be so incredibly satisfying to see the gunky and old foundation, eye shadow, and bronzer come off your tools so easily, you'll no doubt never forget to clean them again.

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