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Jessica Alba on Latina Representation Interview

Jessica Alba on Becoming a Powerful Boss: "I Kind of Felt Like an Impostor"

In this interview for Pretty Unfiltered, Jessica Alba opens up about feeling like an "outsider" in both the entertainment and business worlds. "I kind of felt like an impostor," she said. "Like, they're going to catch onto the fact that I didn't go to theater school, or that I don't have a background like other people whose parents are in the business. And so I always kind of felt like they were going to find out, and I don't belong here."

When she created The Honest Company, which is now valued at $1.7 billion, she initially felt the same way as she had back when she started acting. "When I first started, they were like, 'You're an actress. What do you know about business? There's no way you can start a company. Go be a face of something,'" she said. "'Why don't you just do licensing?' I felt like, 'I should have gone to business school. I should have gone to college and I need to have a different kind of background than what I have.' And what I learned is, if you are curious and you are determined, you can do it. It is possible, especially in this country. If you want to create a different reality, it's possible," said Jessica.

"Being the face of a perfume was not the solution of a problem I was trying to solve," she told us.

As an actress, she expressed the power that Latina women have at the box office. "Girls can look like me and we can be leading ladies. We can put asses in seats."

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