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Kids Talking About Race

This Video of Kids Talking About Race Will Break Your Heart

Kids have a way of explaining the most complicated things in the most simple, honest way. In this video, part of a series by WNYC Radio called Being 12, boys and girls broach the touchy subject of race, discussing how their backgrounds affect the way they're treated by their peers and adults. A Latina girl recounts a time when she brought a Venezuelan dish to school and got made fun of, saying after that she started thinking there was something wrong with her and where she was from. The video discusses race stereotypes with a Muslim boy expressing he's afraid that by walking on the streets, people will think he's doing something wrong; a Haitian-Nigerian 12-year-old saying people expect her to be uneducated; and a Latina exclaiming: "Because I'm Latino, I can't have money?" Watch the full video above, then recount another time kids discussed gay marriage in the most real way.

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