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Latinas 24% More Likely To Watch Videos on Social Media and Share Content To Stay Connected

Increasing audience engagement is the most important social media marketing strategy for marketing, sales, and business professionals worldwide (10/2015 Ascend2 Study). For marketers wanting to increase Latina engagement on social media, our 2015 POPSUGAR Insights Hypercultural Latina study found what type of social content Latinas prefer and what they share and post most often and why.

When asked which type of content Latinas prefer on social media sites, 87% favored looking at pictures and images, 57% watch videos, and 55% choose reading posts that are mostly text. Latinas favor watching videos over the general population (46%) which prefers reading posts that are mostly text (63%).

Not only do Latinas prefer looking at pictures, they also share and post their own photos often on social sites (51%) as well as photos taken by friends and family (34%). Beyond pictures, Latinas often post/share personal commentaries or status updates (33%), quotes or images (26%) and articles (19%).

It is clear that Latinas interact with social media in a very personal way, which could make it more difficult for marketers to up their engagement game with this demographic. To help better understand what engages them on social media, we asked what their motivations are to socially share, regardless of topic. The top five incentives are just to share (53%), to stay connected to people (47%), to express my views (40%), to show what I'm doing and what I'm up to (43%), and to support and promote the causes I care about (35%).

Latinas social motivations are where marketers can make an impact with this important demographic. This could be done in many different ways, be it by providing new and innovative ways to share photos, offering inspiring content that helps them express their views or bringing them information on different causes.

Latinas 24% More Likely To Watch Videos on Social Media and Share Content To Stay Connected  originally posted on POPSUGAR Insights
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