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MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Line

How 1 Professional M·A·C Makeup Artist Is Helping These Latinas Embrace Their Heritage and Redefine Beauty

We know there's nothing like finding the perfect foundation that matches our skin tone and the history behind it. That's why we partnered with M·A·C Cosmetics, to feature Latinx diversity and highlight our beautiful heritage.

Fact: Beauty is extremely important in Latinx culture. It doesn’t matter if we’re going to the grocery store or a party, a lot of us will glam up from head to toe. Some might call it vanity, but we call it leveling up to the best version of ourselves, and projecting on the outside how we feel on the inside. Also fact: Latinx come in all skin tones and backgrounds, so beauty isn’t really a one shade fits all.

We have African heritage, European heritage. We can’t forget about our native ancestors who were the first inhabitants of our countries. All of these stunning multicultural mixes are what make us so uniquely beautiful.

That’s why it’s no easy task to choose a foundation. It's the base of our makeup, the enhancer of our skin, and it’s hard to find a shade that matches all that history and culture. However, M·A·C Cosmetics has incorporated an unparalleled number of shades and undertones into their Studio Fix line — comprised of the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15, Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, and the brand-new Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick — that seem to represent who we really are.

“There’s nothing like having perfect skin, and a good foundation from M·A·C Studio Fix line is your best ally,” M·A·C Cosmetics Pro Senior Artist, Gisel Calvillo, told POPSUGAR. “All you need next is to add mascara and a bold lip with pinks, oranges, or reds, and you’ll look extremely sophisticated and sexy.”

Gisel explains that what makes the Studio Fix Line so special is the matte finish. “Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 help mattify the skin, and the new Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick is phenomenal because you can apply it directly to your skin and you can blend it with your hands. Again, it has a matte finish, and you can build on it if you want more coverage, or leave it as is.”

We put the line to the test with the help of Gisele, and enlisted three POPSUGAR Latina staffers with different backgrounds. The results speak for themselves: gorgeous looks you can easily transition from day to night and highlight the beauty of the diversity within.

POPSUGAR Senior Beauty Editor Kelsey Castañon grew up as a proud Cuban. However, about a year and a half ago, she found out her dad was not her biological father. “My parents used a sperm donor, and the one request they had was that the donor for my brother and I was Latino,” Kelsey said. “I guess my background is technically Mexican and Spanish, but I call myself Cuban.”

Because Kelsey’s mom was adopted and they have no idea what her background is, the family relied heavily on her dad’s Cuban heritage. “I still identify as Cuban,” she added. “I look, feel, and act the exact same as I am. I almost feel more rooted in my Cuban culture than before. You learn that you are what you’ve grown up being, and you decide what you are.”

Kelsey's love for makeup began at a young age. "I would sneak into my abuela's room, wear her high heels, and go through her makeup," she said. Now, she can't live without a breathable foundation, one you can't tell she's wearing, but still gives plenty of coverage. That's why Gisel opted to use the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation on her combination skin. It gives the skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte finish with medium-to-full coverage and has a velvety texture that allows the skin to breathe.

POPSUGAR Assistant Entertainment Editor Meki Pierre isn’t shy when it comes to proclaiming her heritage and crediting it her beautiful skin. “I’m a nice blend of Haitian and Cuban, and I think that’s why I have great skin,” she said. "I feel like my heritage contributes to how I take care of my body, and that comes out in how my skin looks. But you do need good foundation: make sure it enhances your skin," she added.

Meki loves a medium-coverage foundation that she can build on, and that's why Gisel chose the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15. It's comfortable, extremely long-wearing, and helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother look and finish.

“I was raised to love my skin and to know that I’m beautiful. I’m brown and beautiful,” Meki added. “This is the skin tone I know that represents so many years of people fighting for their freedom, people who have worked so hard to get us to where we are now. There’s so much culture and heritage behind my skin tone, and I love everything about it.”

POPSUGAR Senior Social Media Editor Fabiola Lara was born in Chile but moved to the US when she was just a baby. “Since I came here as a baby, my mom really helped instill a Chilean heritage in me through food, but also through her makeup,” Fabiola said. She started playing around with makeup at a young age, copying what she saw her mom doing, and at the same time creating her own beauty routine, adjusting it to the needs of her skin.

She has come to the realization that although her job is mostly on social media, she doesn’t let it influence her definition of beauty and she feels the most beautiful by trusting her gut. “Staying true to what I actually want to do is how I approach every day,” she said. As long as she has a good foundation, she’s ready to tackle her day.

Gisel recommended she try the new Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick. It's super easy to apply on-the-go, provides 24 hours of medium-buildable coverage, and has a natural-looking matte finish. Plus, you can also use it to sculpt, highlight, or conceal those little imperfections, giving skin a more flawless look.

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Credits: Photographer: Matthew Zach; Senior Art Director: Colleen Lennon; Makeup Artist: Gisel Calvillo; Hair Stylist: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Graner; Producer: Cassie Doyle; Visual Designer: Rebecca Joy