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The Mama Squad Tackles Children's Birthday Parties

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Some people might say that Latinx know how to throw the best parties, and we can't really disagree. Mamás in particular are known for tirar la casa por la ventana on their children's birthdays, even when they said they were only going to invite family so the day wouldn't go unnoticed. From piñatas to payasos to a whole animation crew that would have everyone singing the ultimate kids' songs, growing up in a Latinx household means always doing something fun for your cumpleaños. We caught up with three awesome mamás — Claudia, Evelyn, and Divani — who got honest about celebrating their children's birthdays, how they clean and prepare to give their families the best time they deserve.

We've partnered with Clorox to highlight the easy tricks real mamás use to keep their households clean and give their families the safe haven they deserve.

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