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Neymar Making a Goal Across Hollywood Boulevard Video

Watch Neymar Attempt a Goal From Roof to Roof Across Hollywood Boulevard

Only Jimmy Kimmel would think about having a professional soccer player attempt a goal shot from one rooftop to another one across Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, and only Brazilian soccer hero Neymar could make that shot — OK, fine, Leo Messi can probably do it, too. While you're probably now thinking, "What? Did he make it?," we're going to spoil this for you and say yes, he did!

With Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez acting as a goalie (in a full highlighter-yellow outfit), Neymar attempts to kick the ball over the major street, cutting it a little too short the first two times but nailing an excellent goal on the third try. It's really something you need to see.

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