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Selena Lip Art

This Selena Lip Art Is Making Our Hearts Go "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

It's been 22 years since Selena passed away, yet her legacy is still alive and thriving . While some passionate fans show their love for the late singer by painting breathtaking murals on walls of their cities, one artist is paying Selena homage using a slightly different canvas: her lips.

Makeup artist Jazmina Daniel has already stunned us with her impressive lip art creations that prove she might just have the steadiest hands on the face of the planet. But one of our favorite masterpieces by far is her Selena lip art, which mimics the singer's Amor Prohibido album artwork. It's so exquisitely detailed that she even used gold makeup (Sugarpill's Goldilux loose eyeshadow, to be exact) to give Selena's earrings a shiny touch. Meanwhile I can barely even apply lip liner without screwing something up. This is a stunning artistic tribute to our favorite icon; bravo, Jazmina.

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