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Why People Need to Stop Saying Boys Will Be Boys | Video

This Eye-Opening Video Is All About That 1 Phrase Parents Should Stop Using

A recent eye-opening video from Conejo Productions is shedding light on the phrase "boys will be boys" and its detrimental implications. The powerful video comes from the narrative perspective of Jorge Diaz, an actor who's appeared on Jane the Virgin and Elena of Avalor. In it, he addresses his daughter as he shares his complicated history with the aforementioned phrase.

At the start of the video, Jorge explained feeling content with the phrase when he was younger. He said, "At 7 years old, we were at my grandma's for a family dinner. Abuela always made the girl cousins set the table and serve the food. When my oldest cousin, Mireya, complained about the boys not helping, she was told, 'It wasn't a boy's job!' I thought, 'Lucky me, I get to keep on playing!'"

As he got older, however, Jorge realized how differently his female relatives were treated. While Jorge didn't have a curfew and was free to hang out with his friends whenever he pleased, his sister was subjected to much stricter rules. When Jorge pressed his father about the matter, he replied, "Boys know what they're doing and girl's just don't."

The video's parting message is particularly beautiful. Jorge said, "Being a man is about challenging the script that was handed down to us and I especially don't want you, mi hija, to grow up in a world where you will be told, 'Boys will be boys.' It's time to change that narrative."

The video is part of an ongoing series from Conejo Production and FreeWaves, titled DIS . . . Miss, that challenges gender expectations through various mediums. Watch the poignant video, above.

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