16 Demi Lovato Costume Ideas That Will Make You Cool For Halloween

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We've loved Demi Lovato since her early Disney Channel days, but she's gone through a total transformation to become the superstar she is now. Through the years, her confidence has only gotten stronger, and it's evident in her new provocative lyrics and crazy-sexy outfits.

She's not afraid to show off her curvy body and show a little skin with edgy, revealing looks. That's why we're so inspired to take a play from Demi's book and sport one of her daring looks this Halloween. Whether you're looking for a bombshell beautiful costume or something a little more dark and striking, you can look to the singer for some inspiration.

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Hot 2017 VMAs Demi
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Hot 2017 VMAs Demi

Demi stole the show at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards when she wore a superrevealing bodysuit and paired it with black chaps. All eyes were on her and they will be on you the moment you step into any room.

  • What to wear: Get an electric-blue bodysuit and black chaps. If your bodysuit doesn't have a slit across the chest area, create one for yourself with a pair of scissors.
  • How to act: Demi was all about being "Sorry Not Sorry" about her look, so you should do the same.
Fabletics Demi
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Fabletics Demi

Since Demi released her line with Fabletics, she's been wearing more and more athletic gear, which is perfect since she's so into working out.

  • What to wear: Grab whatever athletic gear you have at home and your favorite pair of workout sneakers.
  • How to act: Be ready to run a mile in a heartbeat, and make sure to have a bottle of water or a smoothie close by.
"Sorry Not Sorry" Demi

"Sorry Not Sorry" Demi

Continuing her sexy streak started with her 2015 hit "Cool For the Summer," Demi's bubble bath scene in the "Sorry No Sorry" music video would be perfect to replicate.

  • What to wear: Get a swimsuit or bodysuit that will fit you like a glove, and carry around a bottle of bubbles so you can blow them at people when they ask about your costume. Put your hair up in a ponytail, and highlight your cheekbones so they can be seen from a mile away.
  • How to act: Own every ounce of sexy you have, and walk around like the queen that you are.

Martial Arts Demi

For years, Demi has taken on martial arts as part of her workout routine, and when she got her blue belt, we're sure she leaped with joy.

  • What to wear: Get yourself a martial arts uniform and a blue belt. You won't even have to wear makeup.
  • How to act: Be on the defense like you are ready to kick some butt.

Halloween Maid Demi

The superstar embraced her sexy vibes with this maid outfit last Halloween.

  • What to wear: Get a bob wig with bangs, and buy a maid's costume from the nearest Halloween store. Grab a pair of fishnets and you are good to go.
  • How to act: Embrace the sexy side just like Demi.
Future Now Demi
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Future Now Demi

Demi fully embraced a dark yet sophisticated style for the costumes she wore on her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas. The outfits really demonstrate how much Demi has evolved in the past year.

  • What to wear: Start by wearing a black bodysuit and thigh-high boots. Drape a long piece of black fabric over your shoulders and secure it with an oversize corset-style belt.
  • How to act: Demi croons some of her most emotional songs while wearing this outfit, so your demeanor should be serious and passionate. Don't forget to make sure your cape flows in the wind as you walk for an added dramatic effect.
Demigoddess Demi

Demigoddess Demi

Demi's self-titled album features a very strong portrait of the performer looking like an ethereal goddess that's vulnerable yet powerful. Her scary-beautiful look still haunts us to this day.

  • What to wear: Paint yourself with silver body paint, and add a layer of glitter to your hair. Your makeup should be bold with dark eyebrows, lips, and nails. Bonus points if you can get a temporary cross tattoo to match Demi's.
  • How to act: Be dramatic. Make sure you constantly pose with a piercing stare and hands carefully placed on your face.
Sexy 2015 VMAs Demi
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Sexy 2015 VMAs Demi

One of our favorite moments of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards was when Demi came out to perform her single "Cool For the Summer." We almost didn't blink as we were too afraid to miss a second of her sexy performance and her sensuous dance moves.

  • What to wear: A sexy, strappy bodysuit that shows off the right amount of skin. A bold bright lip will add the perfect touch of sweetness. Slick your hair back with hair gel or hair spray.
  • How to act: Like you're the hottest one in the room and you know it. Don't be shy to emphasize your rocking body.
Confident Demi

Confident Demi

Demi Lovato's Confident era is full of dark yet gorgeous looks that are inspiring us to get a little more edgy. The cover for the second single off this album features a sleek all-black look that makes for a sexy yet stylish Halloween costume.

  • What to wear: Pair a patent-leather halter top with a leather skirt. Wear a choppy jet-black wig and a red lip and cat nails.
  • How to act: Like you have all the confidence of the world. You live and breathe confidence. Show it off in the way you walk and talk.
Sparkle Queen Demi

Sparkle Queen Demi

Demi Lovato let the world know she was a bombshell beauty when she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan in a sparkly, luxe romper — which was easily one of her sexiest looks to date.

  • What to wear: A bejeweled romper with a plunging décolletage. Layer a few bracelets on each arm to pump up the glam factor.
  • How to act: You don't put up with anything negative. You're in total control of your happiness, and you're just ready to have a good time.
Rocker-Chic Demi
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Rocker-Chic Demi

We can't say we were totally surprised when Demi came out to perform at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival in a completely sheer outfit. But we're totally loving her return to that rock-and-roll look that she has always been known for.

  • What to wear: Layer a simple black bralette, a mesh bodysuit, and fishnet tights under a pair of high-waist denim shorts. Throw on a killer white moto jacket to complete the look.
  • How to act: Like you're pumped and ready to rock and roll. Be spontaneous and hyper — essentially you should be the life of the party.
"Heart Attack" Demi

"Heart Attack" Demi

We almost went into cardiac arrest when Demi released the music video for her song "Heart Attack." The singer dipped her hands in an oily black paint that gave the video some mystifying visuals.

  • What to wear: Wear a flowy white t-shirt, and cover your hands in black body paint. You can opt for a clean look, but don't be afraid to get a little messy and get paint on your t-shirt and neck.
  • How to act: Make your hands the center of attention with dramatic hand gestures.

Mug Shot Demi

Demi caused a frenzy when a reporter asked what her favorite dish was and she responded by saying, "I like mugs." Demi was clearly finding a new and cheeky way to answer a question she probably gets asked a lot, but one thing is certain — the girl actually loves her mugs.

  • What to wear: Keep your outfit simple with a crop top and a brightly colored pencil skirt. Wear a pair of oversize mirrored sunglasses all night long. Collect a few of your favorite mugs to carry around wherever you go.
  • How to act: Be ready to sip or spill some tea from one of your mugs. People are going to talk, but it's none of their business.
Gothic Beauty Demi
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Gothic Beauty Demi

Demi embodied total '90s grunge in her 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival look. The wickedly gorgeous look supported her empowering vocals as she sang her heart out that night.

  • What to wear: Find a striped bodysuit, and add a thick leather belt. Finish the look with a black fur or feathered jacket. Wear your hair in '90s-inspired knots.
  • How to act: Like you're the epitome of badass. You ooze self-confidence and power. Keep a straight face, but smile with your eyes.
"Cool For the Summer" Demi

"Cool For the Summer" Demi

Demi's "Cool For the Summer" was our Summer 2015 jam. The playful pastel outfit on her single cover was all we wanted to wear that season. We loved the look so much that we're still thinking about it a year later, and we're going to take advantage of Halloween to relive it.

  • What to wear: A sexy pastel one-piece swimsuit and a colorful faux fur coat. Accessorize with heels and bright sunglasses. Keep your makeup dewy, and don't be stingy with the bronzer.
  • How to act: Like you're too cool for wherever you are. Yet you're there to grace everyone with your sexy outfit.
"Really Don't Care" Demi

"Really Don't Care" Demi

Demi Lovato performed her single "Really Don't Care" for the crowd at Los Angeles Pride in 2014, and the performance made it into her music video for the song. We were obsessed with her menswear-inspired look and colorful rainbow locks.

  • What to wear: A classic suit and tie but spruced up with a leather harness. Bring in some color by adding rainbow extensions to your hair.
  • How to act: Be bubbly and loud. You don't care who you're with or where you are, but you know you're going to have the best night ever.
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