Run! You Only Have a Few Days to Get Margarita Cupcakes at Disneyland and Disney World

Do you have plans right now? Because after hearing that Disney World in Orlando, FL, and Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, have a limited-edition margarita cupcake with actual tequila, you might be asking for vacation days and getting on a plane.

There's just no way you won't want to get your hands on these delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles featuring Casamigos Tequila. The sweet treats are described as a "key lime cake loaded with the ultra premium, small batch blanco tequila and topped with key lime frosting" on Sprinkles's Instagram. The cupcakes look simple until you notice this one small detail: the frosting actually has a salted rim so it feels like you're taking a sip out of a margarita glass.

Sadly, the amazing cocktail-dessert hybrid is only available until the end of May, so you have just days to get your hands on them. Salivate over them ahead and prepare to start a petition to make these a permanent thing.