Juanes and Fonseca Join Forces For a Heartfelt Virtual Concert on Mother's Day

When I was growing up, my mom had a rule: whoever was driving was the one choosing the music. Personal CD players and eventually iPods were not allowed, because everyone had to be present. No moment was too insignificant to have family time.

If my siblings and I got lucky, my mom would play Juanes and Fonseca, artists who were appealing both to her generation and to ours. We'd sing along and make the most out of our ride. I couldn't help but think of these memories when I found out both of these incredible Colombian artists are performing live on YouTube on Mother's Day.

As it turns out, Juanes and Fonseca are great friends who have collaborated in the past and are coming together for what they love more than music: their moms. Doña Alicia (Juanes's mom) and doña Ana Marcela (Fonseca's mom) have been instrumental in the development of their careers with unconditional care and support and are even considered the "managers of their hearts."

That's why they're joining forces to bring hope, strength, and much love to not only their mothers, but all the mothers in Colombia and the world with a special serenade that will be broadcasted live on Mother's Day this Sunday, May 10, starting at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET from both Juanes's YouTube account and Fonseca's YouTube account.

The acoustic concert will also feature Juanes's band (Juan Pablo Daza on the guitar and Emanuel Briceño on the keyboard), and it promises to be a journey through the artists' most memorable hits that our mothers have come to love and sing along to. It can be the perfect activity you can do with her if you're sheltering in place together or even if she's miles away.