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Luis Coronel's Music Video "Una Historia Más"

Luis Coronel Had to Shoot His New Music Video Backwards, and the Result Is Mind-Blowing

Leave it to Luis Coronel to get us in our feelings reminiscing about a love that couldn't be. His new single, "Una Historia Más," is about that, the relationship that became just another story. This romantic ballad is the fourth official single from his next album of the same name, and repeats Luis's characteristic Mexican regional sound in an innovative and youthful way.

"This song is very romantic, but also has that sour taste of 'Ah, the relationship didn't work out,'" Luis told POPSUGAR. "I know a lot of people are going to identify with it and say, 'Oof, I remember being with this person, and now it became una historia más.'"

Luis added that producing this song was a challenge. He felt that he and his team were demanding more of themselves and as a result, they didn't seem satisfied with the outcome. Eventually, they traveled to Querétaro and recorded the song with producer Luis Díaz. "He really helped me release all the sentimiento this song deserves," Luis said.

The music video was recorded on the shores of Riviera Nayarit, in the town of Sayulita, and it was an experimental production because they had to shoot the story on reverse, which meant Luis had to learn the lyrics of the song backwards. "I really loved challenging myself and the team," Luis said, adding that it was worth it because the outcome came out better than they expected.

To make the story of the video even more exciting, the woman who played Luis' love interest in the video is actually his real girlfriend Cristina Bernal. "To be honest with you I loved the idea of having my girlfriend be a part of the music video," Luis revealed. "At the end of the day, it was an experience we both wanted to live. The whole getting married and then strolling on the beach, to later take that ride in the motorcycle."

It was almost fate that helped Cristina land the role in the video, as Luis said they were running out of time before the shoot, and needed to find a model. He realized he didn't want to partner with anyone else other than Cristina, and it worked out beautifully and you can tell there's definitely a lot of chemistry between this couple.

While the love story in the video did not last, we sure hope Luis' and Cristina's does, and now they have a fun memory to add to it with this music video.

Image Source: YouTube user LuisCoronel VEVO
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