Marc Anthony Is Breaking His Back to Bring Us the Best Shows, but Doctors Ordered Him to Rest

If you've been to a Marc Anthony concert, you know it's most likely the best thing you'll see in your life. I've had the opportunity of seeing him in various venues, both in NYC and in the Dominican Republic, and I can say with certainty that he's the most underrated showman of our time. Here's this flaco — which, ironically enough, is also his nickname — who gets on stage by himself and manages to make any space feel full, as if there were several of him on stage at the same time.

Yes, he does have an exquisite band and backup singers, comprised of probably the best tropical musicians, who definitely help make the whole show a one-of-a-kind experience. But there's something about the potency of his voice and the passion you can easily hear in each verse he sings, that really captivates you and differentiates Marc from other singers.

He lives for his audience too, and it's easy to notice how he gives more than 100 percent on each performance, to the point where he's sweating buckets at the end of each show after challenging choreos without missing a note and staying on pitch. But that selfless attitude toward his fans has caused him some concerning back issues — to the point where doctors have ordered Marc to rest up.

He recently had to put his Opus World Tour on a halt because of excruciating back pain, according to his management company, Magnus Media. "He is experiencing severe and acute back pain. His doctor has advised him to rest for a few days to recover completely," a press release said. This prompted him to cancel his shows in Orlando and Houston, which will be rescheduled for April, before he flies to Mexico in May and heads to Europe in June.

In the meantime, his doctors expect him to make a full recovery so he can honor his scheduled concerts on March 20 and 22 in San Jose, CA, and Phoenix respectively.

Knowing Marc's work ethic, I'm pretty sure his back pain was really concerning, because this is a man who went on stage a few days after his mom passed away in 2018 just so he didn't have to cancel on his fans. He's incredibly devoted to his job, and I appreciate him for that, but I also want to have Marc para rato, so I hope he really listens to his doctors, because we all deserve to be blessed by his talent.