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Meet Juntos We Shine Podcast Host Karina Banda

Karina Banda Uses Her Platform on Univision to Inspire Others in Her Community to Never Give Up

We partnered with Target and the Juntos We Shine podcast to highlight change-makers who are bringing joy and positivity to the Latinx community.

Karina Banda has worked hard and chased after the opportunities she wanted in order to fulfill her American dream. She is a journalist, TV host, reporter, and six-time Emmy winner thanks to her work with Univision and Unimás. She is also the host of the podcast Juntos We Shine, a collaboration between POPSUGAR and Univision and presented by Target. The podcast series is dedicated to showcasing the stories of remarkable women and men who are committed to making a difference in their communities.

Ever since she was a little girl in Mexico, Karina knew she wanted to work in media. She loved talking and figured she might as well make a living out of it. Her parents fully supported her from day one. She studied communications and went on to work at a local TV station as a nightly news anchor. About a year and a half later, the station made some changes that didn't sit well with her, and she realized she was ready to turn the page.

"I went online and typed 'Univision News Anchor,'" Karina told POPSUGAR. "I clicked on the first search result, which linked to an online employment website. I applied to Univision through them, they contacted me, hired me, and within three months, I was packing my bags and moving to California to the land of opportunities," she said.

Going after her dreams has paid off. "I feel so blessed that I always had this passion in me," Karina said. "I can't imagine living without knowing what makes me happy." She also relied on perseverance, hard work, her values, and gratefulness — all of which were instilled by her parents — in order to continue moving up. Now, she is using her platform as the host of the Juntos We Shine podcast to support others who are making the world a better place and bringing their stories forward.

Karina's path hasn't been easy, and her day-to-day is filled with a lot of work and unexpected surprises. She relies on a few key items to keep her going. Keep scrolling to find out what they are.

When Karina first landed a job at Univision, she was working at a local station in California. After three years and three Emmys, she was promoted to the national network, gaining major exposure and many frequent-flier miles. "I've traveled the world, met fascinating people, and immersed myself in different cultures along the way," she said.

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"In this field, every day is a surprise," Karina said. "I may have something scheduled, but breaking news can change my plans in a snap to the point that I may wake up in the morning thinking I'm heading to the office, and a few hours later I'm flying out of town."

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Because her work can be so unpredictable, Karina has to be prepared. She keeps all her beauty essentials on hand in case she needs to go live at the last minute. Staying camera-ready is easy thanks to Sonia Kashuk's Travel Makeup Organizer, which helps her carry all the basics to look picture perfect.

"I love my job and anything that comes with it," Karina said. "I really enjoy being in front of a camera; I love the adrenaline you get from a breaking story and to-the-minute news. It brings a smile to my face when I'm able to connect with people."

Karina has become a favorite face on Univision through her charisma, dedication, and professionalism. She dreamed big, shot her shot, and put in the hard work that earned her the viewers' respect. It's been a long road — one she's walked in her favorite shoes, A New Day's Michaela Pumps.

Karina offered sage advice to anyone wanting to start a career in media: "It's hard work, so you have to have passion for this," Karina said. "Make sure you are ready when opportunity knocks, never stop dreaming, and always work towards your goal."

It's easy to feel inspired to take action and want to redirect your life where you really want to go after reading about Karina. Get a closer look at her through the podcast Juntos We Shine, which she hosts. You'll feel more inspired to be like her and acknowledge and highlight all the incredible people doing something positive for their community.