Natti Natasha Tells Fans Concerned For Her Health She Has Laryngitis

I'm not going to lie, I did get a little worried about Natti Natasha. For the past few days, she has been posting clips and photos at the doctor's office, getting a shot, and nebulizing.

Today, she was sure to update us with the latest news: she has laryngitis. Natti posted a doctor's note from Dr. Laureano Giráldez Rodríguez at The Voice and Swallowing Center of Puerto Rico to make things extra official. The note read: Patient Natalia Gutiérrez has laryngitis. She should have full voice rest for the next seven days without singing or voice use."

Along with the photo of her doctor's note, Natti wrote in Spanish: "Good afternoon to everyone who's been worried about me and my health. I'm in vocal rest for 7 days, due to laryngitis." She also made sure to address fans who were concerned she might be suffering from coronavirus, deleting comments suggesting she might be personally impacted by the illness. "Thank God I'm fine."

Natti has been working nonstop, from photoshoots to concerts and award shows, as well as dropping new singles and continuing to prove she's one of the top Latin artists of the moment. Unfortunately, not taking enough time to rest took a toll on Natti's health. While she won't be able to serenade us for a bit, her recovery looks to be in the best hands.