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Natti Natasha "Me Estás Matando" at Premio Lo Nuestro

Natti Natasha Uses Premio Lo Nuestro Performance to Get Real About Verbal and Psychological Violence

One of the highlights of last night's Premio Lo Nuestro was Natti Natasha's performance. She debuted her new single "Me Estás Matando," a powerful ballad written by fellow Dominican artist and former lead singer of the group Negros, Wason Brazobán.

While it's easy to get lost in the melody and get carried away by Natti's vocalas in a way we don't usually get to hear them, it's important to pay attention to the lyrics. Natti describes the many situations in which women are usually victims of domestic violence. She's not talking about physical violence, though: she's talking about verbal and psychological abuse.

"No, you've never hit me / You've never thrown me against the wall," she sings. "But, hurting words come out of your lips / Plus your infidelity," she continues, before breaking into the chorus that goes "You are killing me / Without even laying a finger on me."

"This is against those who think that by raising your voice at us and verbally attacking us you're not hurting us," Natti wrote on her Instagram right before her performance. "Yes, you're hurting us, you're opening new wounds, and it's time for us to stop being silent, it's time to gather up our strength and raise our voices against violence, not only physical but psychological," she added.

Natti's performance was probably one of her best. She was engaged and connected to the song like we've never seen her before, she commanded the stage with her presence, and her energy was so intense, she didn't need to move around to make sure all eyes were on her. It didn't hurt that she looked like royalty in a beautiful red outfit that referenced the music video to the song, released right after her performance.

Watch Natti teach everyone how it's done in the video above, and keep scrolling to see if you can find why her red outfit is a reference to her new music video.

Image Source: YouTube
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