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Ne-Yo, Pitbull Performance at Latin AMAs 2019

I’m Over Here Picking My Jaw Up Off the Floor After Ne-Yo Sang in Spanish at the Latin AMAs

Was I the only one who Googled if Ne-Yo had Latinx blood after his Latin American Music Awards performance of "Me Quedaré Contigo"? He could've fooled me! It all started with a very Spanish setting. The stage was set as one of those terrazas some bars and restaurants have, with a very clear sign that read "Bar 305." All of the sudden, a flamenco guitar started playing, and Ne-Yo, who was sitting there looking all fresh like he belonged in Miami Beach, began singing.

"Oh, OK!" I thought. "I'm really digging this." And then, the moment I didn't think I needed, but it happened and now I can't get out of my head: Ne-Yo started belting the chorus. In Spanish. And it was perfect. That was it. I was done. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor before I realized El Micha came out to add his verse to the song. Ne-Yo repeated the chorus once again — at this point I was having heart palpitations — before Pitbull came out with his traditional swagger. Lenier then joined the group, rounding up this unusual collaboration that for some strange reason works perfectly, and now I won't be able to stop listening.

Image Source: Getty / JC Olivera
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