26 Cute Spanish Nicknames For Grandma

If you're a new parent, you are no stranger to the pressures of finding the right name for your little one. You know the all-too-familiar motions of extensively searching for a name that will fit your baby perfectly while also holding significance and meaning for you and your family. With the endless options, it is fair to say that the process can be nothing short of overwhelming.

Unfortunately, you probably thought finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be-here baby was going to be it for exciting, albeit tiresome, name hunts, but now that you've found a special moniker you love for your little one, you're probably faced with the task of finding the right nickname for Grandma. This decision holds a little more weight in the sense that it is more of a group decision — you want a nickname that Grandma loves as well. Something that she doesn't mind her new grandchild calling her, but also your entire family, as her role and title will change the family dynamic with the welcoming of your new baby.

Familial roles hold incredible significance for everyone in the family, especially grandparents. They are going to be influential in your child's life, so it is only fitting for them to have a Spanish nickname for Grandma that can represent all of the love, feelings, and responsibilities she will hold all wrapped up in one.

Something special about nicknames is the fact that though on the surface, they may just seem like a thoughtless pet name or a shortened version of your name. But they can actually be packed with love, endearment, and tenderness. Some people only go by their nickname, so everyone refers to them as such, while others only allow a very special few to refer to them by a specific nickname. Nicknames can be tags of affection and reflect the special relationship you share with someone. Specifically in Latino culture, nicknames are gestures of inclusiveness in a group, a simple but endearing symbol of love and acceptance. It also offers a sense of fun and playfulness, representing the comfort you feel with that specific person.

All of this goes to say that choosing a grandma nickname also carries a little bit of pressure in finding the right fit. Rather than piling on more stress, we hope to help out a little bit with this list of possible nicknames you can choose for your soon-to-be grandma as a family! It can be a really special experience to pick out a name with her, so she can both have a say in the decision and also spend intentional time with you celebrating and preparing for your little new addition altogether. If you're looking to go beyond the classic Abuela or Abuelita, we totally understand, so we dug through forums and social media to find a few ideas other Latinxs are using. Read the creative list ahead — we promise you won't be disappointed.

Additional reporting by Charlotte Kho

Short for Abuela or Abuelita:

  • Abue
  • Bela
  • Ita
  • Lita
  • Tita
  • Abby or Abbi
  • Aba
  • Hueli
  • Bueli
  • Agüe
  • Apu
  • Gu

Other ideas:

  • Mima
  • Mamuma
  • Mamama
  • Yaya
  • Nana
  • Mimi
  • Mumi
  • Bobe
  • Lala
  • Nani
  • Nemi
  • Mami
  • Tata
  • Tati

--Additional reporting by Charlotte Kho