How Changing Her Mind Allowed Regina Merson to Empower a Community of Women Through Makeup

Everyone has an idea of what they'd like to be when they grow up. Some people actually achieve their dreams and love what they do, but others may realize this idealized path is simply not what they expected. And then guilt sets in, as they think about all the friends and family who helped and made this dream a part of theirs, too. This is exactly what happened to Regina Merson, the founder and jefa of the first makeup line for Latinas, Reina Rebelde. Regina's dream was to become a lawyer, and she went to law school and later worked for a prestigious law firm. She quickly knew this wasn't her path, and after a lot of introspection and realizing she had the right to change her mind, she went on to do what she realized she was naturally drawn to: makeup.

Reina Rebelde is meant to elevate and inspire Latinas all over, with bold colors and powerful names that allow you to embrace the duality of being a Reina (queen) and a Rebelde (rebel). Regina believes putting on makeup is about self-care and self-respect, and it gives you control over who you're going to be any given day. It's about highlighting the feminine energy and being unapologetically yourself. It's clear proof that makeup can really change the world, as an empowered woman is unstoppable!

POPSUGAR and Univision partnered with Target to highlight change-makers who are bringing joy and positivity to their communities through a new bilingual podcast, Juntos We Shine. Don't miss Regina's episode, where you'll get a closer look at her story and work.