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Watch the Trailer For Netflix's Sky Rojo

Watch the Trailer For Netflix's Sky Rojo, the New Show by the Creators of Money Heist

If you were a Money Heist fan, the new show from the creators of the Netflix Spanish megahit is definitely for you. Sky Rojo tells the story of three women, Coral (Verónica Sanchez), Wendy (Lali Esposito), and Gina (Yany Prado), who are trying to get back their freedom by escaping from their pimp and his minions.

The show was filmed in Spain, between Madrid and the island of Tenerife, and focuses on the madness and dangers the girls face on their journey while strengthening their bond and discovering that together, they have more chances to succeed. With a Cuban, Argentinean, and Spanish cast; a killer soundtrack; a fast-paced, 25-minute episode format; and a heavy Tarantino-esque aesthetic, Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, the creators of the show, describe it as "Pulp Latino." And it's confirmed for a second season already!

While you wait for the March 19 release, take a look at the trailer full of glitter, blood, and car chases.

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