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What You Need to Celebrate Easter at Home

How I Make Easter at Home Meaningful by Incorporating My Latinx Traditions

We're teaming up with Target to give you everything you need to make the most of the Easter holiday with tu familia this year — and for years to come.

Celebrating Easter in a Latinx household is all about spending time with family. Parents plan fun activities for the kids, and in true Latina mom fashion, tu mamá makes you earn that fun with chores, like helping set the table, or prepping and cooking in the kitchen. There's always something to do, and it involves the whole family. Over the years, I realized that my family's Easter traditions are some of the best memories I carry from my childhood. While I have another place I call home now, these traditions still keep me grounded and bring back all the good times and the warm feelings. Keep reading to find out how you can take these traditions and make them your own thanks to Target.

Prepping the House

Latinxs are known for going all out! Even if it's just the family hanging out, we have to prepare the house for the occasion. Beyond our regular Spring cleaning that we adopted from watching our abuela every year, my household was all about embracing the holiday through decorating. You can easily add cute garlands or wreaths to your mantel, or create fun letter boards to surprise your kids in the morning and get them into the spirit. The little details go a long way.

Wearing Your Sunday Best to Stay en la Sala

Nothing like getting all dressed up to go to . . . la sala. It's just part of who we are, so Easter shouldn't be any different, right? Embrace this part of our Latinidad by bringing the whole family along for the fashionable ride. Remember, it's not about looking good so others can see you — it's about looking good for you, whether it's a reflection of how you're feeling inside or a little boost of confidence to feel even better about yourself. Also, there's no better feeling than seeing la familia matching, and it can make for adorable pictures. Just gotta set that timer — and hope the kids stay put for 10 seconds!

Fun Activities for Los Niños

One thing I love about Easter is coloring and decorating Easter eggs. As a kid, I'd get competitive about it! Looking back, what I loved the most — besides all the pastels and proving to my parents I could be extracareful with fragile things — was the fact that it brought everyone closer. We all worked as a team, with my parents' supervision, and created fun memories that have lasted all this time. I highly recommend it! Besides coloring eggs, you can also bond with your hijos by reading them Easter stories or letting them paint their own vases that you can use as decoration for the dinner table.

Presentation is Key

A perfectly set table will give your Easter celebration a little extra — and make it a highly Instagrammable moment. Poner la mesa is more than laying out the dinnerware — it's like the appetizer to the outpouring of love you're serving your family when you bring out the food. For Latinxs, food is love, but presentation does half the work. It can also become a teachable moment for your kids, as you guide them through the best way to set a table and reinforce the importance of family coming together to share a meal.