Zion From Zion & Lennox Had a Massive Health Scare; He Explains What Really Happened

Not gonna lie. This morning I was fearing for Zion's life. Half of Zion & Lennox was hospitalized right after landing in Mexico City for the Spotify Awards that will take place tomorrow. In an Instagram post published on Zion & Lennox's official Instagram as well as on Lennox's personal Instagram account, you can see Zion lying on a hospital bed, seemingly asleep, with monitors fixed to his body and a nurse and a doctor in the room with him.

It's a scary sight, and not a lot of information was released by his camp after the photo went viral. The post reads: "We ask for prayers for our brother Zion's health. May God be in control and everything turns out alright." Eventually, Zion's manager, Héctor Colón, also known as Zurdo, explained in a radio interview that doctors still didn't know what had happened.

"Everything was fine, and all of a sudden he was short of breath," Zurdo said of Zion. "We landed and he was bad, shaking. We didn't know what was happening. I sent Lennox to the hotel and went with Zion to the hospital."

Zion was conscious throughout the whole ordeal, and eventually doctors determined that he had a case of exhaustion.

"I wasn't feeling well yesterday," Zion said during an Instagram Live session after being released from the hospital today. "We arrived at the airport and boarded our flight. During the flight, I started to feel sick. I couldn't breathe."

He added: "Things got complicated when we landed in Mexico City and we went to the emergency room. At first, they thought I had coronavirus symptoms, and they isolated me. I won't lie, I was a little scared because we have been traveling quite often in the last few weeks."

He went on to say that his body just gave up due to being under so much stress. He had an abdominal reaction and was in so much pain that he couldn't breathe or walk. After Zion underwent several tests in the hospital, doctors determined he was OK to go home.

Zion thanked his friends, fans, followers, and the press for keeping an eye out for him, not speculating over his health, and sending him so many beautiful messages. We can just hope that he takes the rest of the day to get some well-deserved rest!