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All My Friends Are Getting Married

1 Woman Juggles Maid of Honor Duty For 3 of Her BFFs Simultaneously in Our New Series

It's a big enough responsibility to be maid of honor for one friend, but try doing it for three at the same time. Follow along as Chloe does it all, from helping to pick out wedding invitations to holding down the fort on the big day.

Wedding invites are so over-the-top, aren't they? Bride number three has opted for something way less extravagant: handmade artisanal correspondents tablets. Don't know what we mean? Watch episode number one to find out.

What happens when you combine an overbearing mother-of-the-bride and wedding centerpieces? The result isn't pretty. Watch as Chloe tries to keep her friend calm in the second episode.

Spa days are supposed to be relaxing – unless you're the maid of honor. Find out what happens when Chloe and her BFF brides hire a rather eccentric spa specialist for their day of pampering.

Some say a couple's engagement photos are what establish their "marriage identity," and in the age of social media, this is paramount. Press play above to see how one photographer makes it all about the likes, not the love.

A joint bridal shower for three brides only means one thing: three times the drama. In this episode of All My Friends Are Getting Married, Chloe loses her cool when things don't go as planned. Watch to see how it all unfolds.

Big day number one is here, but when it turns into one big mess, it's up to the maid of honor to clean it up. Find out how Chloe keeps everything under control while running the show.

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