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Best Compliments For Guys

The Compliments Guys Actually Want to Hear From Girls

We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, The Date Report. It turns out ladies are not the only ones who like to get complimented. From humor to facial hair, find out what flattering comments guys love to hear most.

It turns out compliments that don’t come from mom or other female relatives are something of a rarity for guys, according to the men of internet hive mind Reddit. No matter how many ladies appear to be chasing after handsome, bearded, great-smelling, compassionate, manliest dudes, it seems guys don’t actually get told they’re handsome, have great facial hair, smell fantastic, and so on nearly enough times.

So when this Redditor asked guys what compliments they want to hear from girls, naturally the list went on for awhile. Here’s a short list of some nice things guys would like to hear from ladies:

That they smell really nice.

That they're going to save the world.

That they make you laugh (with them, not at them).

That the facial hair they obsess over is flawless. Bonus points if you're another bearded man yourself, in which case the rest of this post is probably not relevant.

To find out the other four compliments, head to The Date Report: 8 Compliments Guys Actually Want to Hear From Girls.

—Christina Chaey

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