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Celebrities on Tinder

Don't Be Surprised If You Find These Celebrities on Tinder

Source: Getty/Theo Wargo

Man, celebrities have it rough these days. In fact, some have complained to Tinder's founder that they were having difficulty getting matches on the dating app. Apparently, us normal people think their profiles are fake or something.

"We've had celebrities reach out to us frequently throughout the last year, sort of calling out various frustrations convincing users that they were actually who they are," Tinder cofounder Sean Rad told Time magazine.

The trouble, he said, is that everyone has to sign up for Tinder through their Facebook accounts, and some stars don't use their real names on Facebook.

So celebs "were asking for the ability to modify their Tinder name and maybe have a verified badge."

Ask and it will be given, because that's just what the company is starting to do — verifying celebrity profiles the same way Twitter does.

Just curious . . . who are those celebrities that actually complained about this? Judging by who's used the dating app before, here are our wild guesses.

Lindsay Lohan

Back in October, the actress posted a picture on Instagram, saying she had found her brother on Tinder. Given that you have to sign into your account to see other people's profiles, we can only say with certainty assume she's on the dating app, too. Awkward.

Source: Instagram user lindsaylohan

Jamie Kennedy

Poor guy — the comedian-producer-actor can't catch a Tinder break.

Mindy Kaling

Sure, Mindy Kaling was on Tinder as part of a promotion for her show, The Mindy Project, but you never know. She might be using using it for real.

Source: Twitter user tracychambers


Recently at the Sochi Winter Olympics, US Olympian and gold medalist Jamie Anderson told Us Weekly that Tinder in the Olympic Village was next level. "It's all athletes! In the mountain village, it's all athletes. It's hilarious. There are some cuties on there." She even had to delete it because it got too distracting. We feel you, Jamie.

Source: Getty/Cameron Spencer

Lily Allen

She might be married with kids, but singer Lily Allen can't stay away from Tinder.

If you thought she was joking, think again.

Josh Groban


There you have it: next time you see a celebrity on Tinder, don't assume it's a poser. The dilemma now is whether you'll swipe left or right.

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