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Condom Price Spikes in Venezuela

Condoms in Venezuela Cost More Than Your Smartphone

This is not a joke — a 36-pack of Trojans sells for $755 in Venezuela. A drastic drop in oil prices has caused a shortage on tons of necessary goods including sugar and diapers. Now Venezuelans are using the auctioning website MercadoLibre in an attempt to get their hands on scarce goods. This is where the staggeringly expensive condoms can be found. Business Insider pointed out that they cost more than an iPhone in the US.

With abortion outlawed in Venezuela and condoms being so hard to come by, women's health is now in great danger. Not only is practicing safe sex nearly impossible, but females will be driven to go to secret clinics when faced with unplanned pregnancy. With the condom shortage taking a toll on the country, who knows when citizens will get more.

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