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Cooking With Condoms

Cooking With Condoms? Yep, It's a Thing

A new Japanese cookbook released recently puts a whole new (sexy?) spin on dining with your significant other. The cookbook, roughly translated, is titled Condom Meals I Want to Make For You, and lays out 11 recipes that you can make using the contraceptive, including condom sushi and even condom meat stuffing. We can't make this stuff up. Condoms are used to prepare the dish, but not to be consumed, of course.

The real purpose of the book is actually to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of safe sex in a country where cases are predicted to rapidly rise in the next few years and where men are considered the "third-worst" condom users worldwide. The book hopes to promote more positive education on the matter, and though the method for doing so may be a little unconventional, it could just be crazy enough to work!

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