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Couple's Christmas Hanukkah Card

This Couple's Holiday Card Is Pure Genius

We've seen unique holiday cards before (hello, Kardashian Christmas). But one duo came along and raised the bar for couples everywhere.

Behold: the holiday card that's half Hanukkah, half Christmas.

The pair behind the brilliant idea is Scott Burry and Dani Vernon, who at the time had been dating for four years and wanted to send out a joint card as the next step in their relationship. (We should also mention that both are professional photographers.) Since her family celebrates Hanukkah and his Christmas, they settled on the concept as a way to honor both traditions right down the middle.

"We wanted to do something on the more humorous side for our friends and families," he told It's humorous, sure, but also pretty darn sweet.


He also shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the photo shoot on Reddit.

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