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Couple Comes Up From the Ground at Wedding

You'll Have to See This Insane Wedding Reception Entrance in Order to Believe It

Everyone knows entering your wedding reception for the first time as an officially married couple is a big deal, and sometimes you just want to go all out. Geoff and Mandy surprised their guests by coming up from the floors inside a marble glass case, and of course, this over-the-top entrance made its way on to the Internet.

Photos of their elaborate entrance, which a cousin shared on Imgur, elicited hilarious comments from users like, "And here we have our first object for sale. A bona fide newly married couple," and, "Now fill it with water and sharks with lasers!"

For some users, though, the more important discussion was not how the bride and groom chose to enter, but the young man standing guard near the glass display, who some say looks like Michael Cera. Though we personally think the guy bears a stronger resemblance to Brooklyn Beckham. Read on to see the entire spectacle for yourself!

Over the top weddings will never make sense to me
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