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Dad Who Stopped Daughter's Wedding to Grab Stepdad's Hand

You HAVE to See What This Dad Did For His Daughter During Her Wedding

Families come in all shapes and forms, and one amazing dad was the shining example of acceptance at his daughter's wedding in Ohio this past weekend.

According to USA Today, Todd Bachman, the father of bride Brittany Peck, warned photographer Delia Blackburn that he was "going to do something special today."

And special it was, indeed. Bachman grabbed stepfather Todd Cendrosky's hand during the procession so both of them could give their daughter away.


"For me to thank him for all the years of helping raise OUR daughter wouldn't be enough," Bachman said. "There is no better way to thank somebody than to assist me walking her down the aisle."

This remarkable act of love spurned more than a few emotional responses. "Not a dry eye at the ceremony . . . including me!" Blackburn wrote on her Facebook page.

As for the stepdad himself?

"[Brittany's biological father] said, 'You worked as hard as I have. You'll help us walk our daughter down the aisle,'" Cendrosky said. "I got weak in the knees and lost it. Nothing better in my life, the most impactful moment in my life."

Tissues. NEED more tissues.

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