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Etiquette and Charm Tips From Men

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We partnered with Lionsgate and Charlie Mortdecai on this post full of dating and etiquette tips that prove courtship can still be charming.

When not dealing in the world of fine art, I am endeavoring to assist gentlemen in the ways of charm and etiquette: two words that, if understood, will make you the envy of everyone you meet. A fine goal, I've found. So, if you'll allow me, I'd like to share a bit of classic dating traditions and wisdom with the population of the modern age. Here are 10 dating rules every man and woman should follow.

  1. When courting a special someone, always speak to them in person. Cellular phones and computers, while astonishing in their innovation, have no place in romance. If a great distance separates you, a handwritten letter will do nicely.
  2. Always remove your coat when entering a guest's home, but only if the garment underneath it is appropriate. You get extra points if the garment in question is monogrammed. A small detail but an important one.
  3. Always be sure to know a little bit about every conversational topic, but never show yourself to be an expert in one. That is pretentious and unseemly. Instead, I find that memorizing a few short but appropriate facts can thaw even the iciest partygoers. And remember, a conversation needs more than one person. Let others speak, too. The goal here is to impress, not oppress!
  4. When invited to dine with friends or colleagues, a small gift is always appropriate. If one cannot afford an original sketch by Matisse (or something similar), a bottle of wine or flowers will do.
  5. When taking your date to the cinema, do not pretend to yawn then slowly place your arm around his or her shoulder. That is tacky.
  6. Traditionally, it is not wise to text while your date or friend is speaking to you. Instead, excuse yourself and do so out of their eye line. Or better yet, cease texting altogether to add an air of mystery to your persona. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what this can do for your social life.
  7. I find that keeping a date's drink properly topped off is not only a noble expression of your interest in their comfort and well-being, but it shows your concern for their hydration.
  8. If it is cold outside, offer a lady your coat. If she refuses, she most likely has no interest in you, but you do get to stay warm, so the day isn't a complete loss.
  9. Learn to waltz. I cannot stress this enough.
  10. Nothing says "I care" like a song. If carrying a tune is not your strong suit, do not worry! I have found that musical expression of the soul is always appreciated. Except in a public restroom. Know your audience, gents!

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