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Flirting With Fame by Samantha Joyce Excerpt

Will Elise Be Able to Handle the Spotlight in This Sultry Novel?

In Samantha Joyce's sexy, charming new adult novel Flirting With Fame, Elise Jameson has a secret: she's the author behind the bestselling cult teen hit Viking Moon series. But when her series scores a TV deal that requires her to be on set — and in the presence of one very hot heartthrob — painfully shy, deaf Elise starts to see how much she's missing. Can she really hide in the shadows forever, or will finally coming into her own be the best decision she's ever made?

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PG Excerpt:

I'd watched Gavin kiss dozens of actresses on film over the years, wiggling in my theater seat as his lips crushed into those of some impossibly gorgeous woman. I'd return home to dream about it, how it would feel to have those pouty lips against mine. Flushed under the covers, I'd imagine how I'd thread my fingers through his hair and moan against his lips. I'd picture him pressing his hips into mine, driving my body into a frenzy. The thought of his tongue slipping between my teeth was enough to make me clap my hand over my mouth so my parents couldn't hear me cry out in the dark.

Kissing him in real life was nothing like those kisses I'd seen on the screen. It was better. He tasted sweet, like peppermint candy.

He didn't kiss me the way he kissed on-screen, his mouth open and tongue searching. This was tender, sweeter, almost tentative in the way his lips remained closed and his mouth stayed soft.

His hands slid around my waist to my lower back and he pulled me toward him. I still had the bag against my stomach, and it made an annoying barrier between us. I shimmied back for a moment and let it fall to the ground. His hips met mine almost instantly and I groaned at the sudden heat against my thighs.

My mouth opened slightly and he took me up on my invitation. He traced my lips, dancing his tongue across my teeth before finally meeting my own. Gavin's kiss was different from Tanner's. His mouth was gentle and teasing. He took his time exploring my mouth. There was a confidence behind the kiss, but no forcefulness.

My heart beat like those old drum corps bands against my rib cage, and I ran my fingers down his arms and back toward his spine. The kiss lasted forever yet was really only a few seconds. Too soon, he pulled away, both of us breathing heavily, my lips cold where his had once been.

R-Rated Excerpt:

When my shirt hit the carpet, he studied me, his eyes wide. I wriggled under his scrutiny and tensed my body in preparation to bolt.

He grinned and signed above my head. God, you're so beautiful.

Tears sprang to my eyes and I blinked. Salt water rolled down my cheeks onto the pillow.

"Hey." Gavin wiped my face. "You okay? You want me to stop?"

"No," I murmured. "Can you say it again?"

What? he signed. That you're beautiful? How about I never stop saying it?

That works, too.

He bent his head and his tongue trailed down my neck and along the scar sloping beneath the fabric of my bra. He trailed kisses along my stomach, making sure to cover each and every scar. I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensation of his lips on my body. Every cell of my skin tingled at his touch. I arched my back to give him access to my bra clasp. He slipped it off my shoulders and I gasped as he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked.

His hand worked the zipper of my jeans and he bent away for a moment to slide them off and toss them to the floor. He climbed between my legs and pressed into me again. I cried out as I felt him through the fabric of the towel and my thin panties, but there was still too much between us.

The towel needed to go.

I slid my hands down his back to his hips and tugged the offending article free. I dropped it to the floor beside the bed and Gavin lifted his head from my breasts in question.

He didn't ask out loud, but I nodded my consent and he reached for a packet in the bedside drawer before disappearing off the side of the bed. When he reappeared, he kissed between my breasts and down my stomach, his tongue dipping beneath the waist of my underwear. I moaned his name and he slid my panties down my legs and threw them out of sight.

As he moved back up my thighs, he planted kisses on each side, taking his time to cover every inch of skin until he landed right between my legs.

His tongue teased and swirled inside me, making me writhe against the bed and whimper. I reached down and tugged his hair to bring his attention higher and he obliged by trailing kisses up over my belly and back onto my breasts, his hand working where his mouth had just been.

The room swirled around me and I moaned and tightened around his fingers. He tensed at my reaction, his eyes closed. He licked his lips and kissed my neck.

"Gavin, please," I murmured. "I need you, now."

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