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Frozen "Let It Go" Wedding Toast

Best Man Toasts to Frozen's "Let It Go"

We'd like to present this story from one of our favorite sites, Brides. Watch this best man give one of the best (and most hilarious) toasts ever!

A good wedding toast covers a few key elements: it's preferably brief, thoughtful, and sentimental. A great wedding toast, however, usually breaks all of these rules and reinvents what it means to honor a couple. Case in point: best man Joe.

When Joey Boyes, who has now changed his Twitter handle to reflect his now famed role, was tapped to toast his best friend Dom Clark and his new wife Rebecca this past weekend, the creative groomsman penned a hilarious and incredibly sweet tribute to the tune of "Let It Go" from Frozen.

According to the Daily Mail, Boyes began working on the song six months ago. "I've known Dom all my life, and I wanted to do something special. We both did theatre when we were young, and Beck loves Disney so this seemed perfect," Boyes says.

As the music of the familiar Disney song starts to play, the guests roar with laughter. And as the best man croons his version of the first line, it's clear this thoughtful guy isn't just mimicking the original tune. "The bride wears white on her wedding tonight and her husband's looking. After years of dating mongers, he's finally found a queen," he sings.

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From his boisterous rendition, we learn that Dom played a role in the groom's outfit selection. "The groom, he too, looks great, I'm sure you'll all agree. He couldn't get it wrong 'cause he's dressed like me."

As he breaks into his version of the chorus, the couple and their guests can hardly contain themselves. "Best man Joe says hello to the couple with the brightest spark! Best man Joe says hello to the brand new Mrs. Clark. 'Cause here I stand on your wedding day, let us raise a glass."

He even shares an emotional tribute to the groom's late father, saying, "I know your dad is smiling up there on his cloud. And on behalf of him I want to tell you he's so proud."

To finish out the touching song, Joe invites the entire reception to stand and clink glasses in honor of the newlyweds. "Best man Joe says hello! Take your glass, let's raise a toast. 'Cause here we stand on their wedding day. To the newlyweds — hope this will be the perfect day."

All we can say is we wouldn't have wanted to be the maid of honor who followed Joe!

— Gabriella Rello

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