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Funny Emperor's New Groove Costumes

This Couple Completely Nailed Their Hilarious Disney Costume

We've all seen our fair share of cute Disney princess costumes, but one couple went another route โ€” and the results were perfection. The two got decked out in Kronk and Yzma costumes from The Emperor's New Groove, but they didn't stop there. They waited for the perfect moment while on Space Mountain, and they recreated the scene from the movie when the villain and her hilarious henchman take a bumpy rollercoaster ride to Yzma's secret lab. Breanna, who is Yzma in the photo, says she made the costumes from scratch, and spent weeks planning the whole thing. The photo completely nails it, right down to Yzma's unamused face and Kronk's glee. Check out the scene from the movie below and marvel at the epic costumes.

Image Source: Disney
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