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We All Want to Be BFFs With This Girl Who Third-Wheeled Her Friend's Date in Disguise

We all have that one best friend — you know, the one who's seen you at your worst, when you were five pints of Ben & Jerry's deep after a traumatic breakup. Well one girl just took her friendship to the next level by showing up to her friend's date to make sure it went smoothly. But don't worry; she did so incognito.

Dawsyn Eubanks was on a date when she received a semicryptic text message from her friend Georgia. "Why aren't you eating your food," the text read. When Dawsyn asked her what on earth she was talking about, Georgia told her to turn around. That's when she saw Georgia sitting at the table behind her, donning a black hoodie, sunglasses, and a fake mustache.

When Dawsyn posted about her friend's hilarious dedication on Twitter, it went totally viral, garnering more than 170,000 retweets and more than 390,000 "likes." Other Twitter users couldn't get over her friend's ninja-like move, replying that this is the most pure example of #friendshipgoals. Someone get this gal an award.

And in case you were wondering, Dawsyn's date went swimmingly.

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