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Girl Posts Picture With Julian Edelman to Tinder

This Girl Had Sex With a Super Bowl Champ and Told Everyone on Tinder About It

OK, it's one thing to kiss and tell. It's entirely something else to f*ck and tell . . . all on Tinder. Sabrina Dudish posted a picture of herself with NFL Patriots receiver Julian Edelman in bed together after what we can only presume was a post-Super Bowl bang session, and fans cried major foul. In the photo, Dudish proudly screen capped the moment with a triumphant, "just f*cked Edelman, no lie" while the football star slept. The backlash began pretty much immediately, with several Boston clubs blacklisting Dudish from ever stepping foot into their establishments, one owner going as far as to say, "I'm sure I speak on behalf of many Boston industry ppl [sic] to not show your face in this city." Harsh. Dudish has since apologized and deleted all of her social media platforms, but her story serves as a reminder that we should all really be sure we want the world to see something before we click "share," because once it's out there — in this case all out there — we can never get it back.

Image Source: Tinder
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