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High School Dance Save-the-Date Video

Nostalgic Save-the-Date Video Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

It was a match made in high school heaven when Lizz and Jake first noticed each other at a homecoming dance in 1997. So it was only fitting that the engaged couple — who both own production companies, LIFEinaVAN Studios and Rantze and Raves — would use their talents to make save-the-date video magic set at the scene of the crime, their high school gym. The pair collaborated on the concept and editing, not to mention inviting Jake's nieces and nephew and some of their school friends to costar in the video. Check out the adorable video now, and be sure to watch until the end (the credits are the icing on the cake)!

Save-the-Date from Lizz + Jake on Vimeo.

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