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In terms of date nights, there's the classic dinner and a movie combo, or taking a lovely evening stroll through a park, or nodding your head in total sophistication while viewing art exhibitions with your SO in some esteemed museum downtown. All three of those can get a little tiring, can't they? It's OK. You can admit it.

Plus, let's face it: you don't want to leave your living room. Because the sofa is really soft and plush and you love it and you're tied by loyalty. If you don't have to go anywhere for date night, why would you?! We'll be asking ourselves this question until the end of the century. In the meantime, here are 26 things you can do with your partner from the comfort of your couch.

  1. Cuddle! Duh.
  2. Play board games. Forever timeless.
  3. Watch a movie or two. Try these steamy ones.
  4. Battle each other on the Wii.
  5. Or play a multiplayer game on your phones.
  6. Have a pillow fight.
  7. Read books.
  8. Sample chocolates.
  9. Or tea.
  10. Listen to each other's favorite music.
  11. Start a new TV show together.
  12. Have sex.
  13. Play a conversation game. It's an entertaining way to get to know each other!
  14. Make pottery (be sure to place a tablecloth on the coffee table and towels on the floor).
  15. Watch interesting YouTube videos.
  16. Write poetry and read it aloud to each other.
  17. Record him doing your makeup. (Weird, but so hilarious.)
  18. If he'll let you, do HIS makeup. (Even funnier.)
  19. Build a fort. Yep, on the couch.
  20. Tell scary stories in your fort.
  21. Color your hearts away in a couple of coloring books.
  22. Or draw a picture together from scratch.
  23. Learn to play the ukulele together.
  24. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  25. Listen to sexy audiobooks.
  26. Take a nap — the greatest date of them all.
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