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Hot Guys in Sweaters

What His Sweater Style Says About Him

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Thank goodness for sweater weather, since it's a chance to cozy up with your guy — and learn all about him. Because it's totally normal to dissect his personality by the type of sweater he wears, we're breaking down every style and what it means. You'll never look at his cardigan the same again.

1. The Reversed Sweater

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He's laid-back but still cares about his appearance. He probably surprises you out of nowhere because he's just that cool, he grows his facial hair out to the perfect length, and he may or may not remind you of Ryan Gosling.

2. The Argyle Sweater

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The preppiest of the preppy, he's a little uptight but you bring out the fun in him. He has the best manners of anyone ever, which is why he calls your mom weekly to see how she's doing.

3. The Button-Up Cardigan

He's the perfect mix or metro and manly. He also works out four times a week, hence his rockin' bod, hence how he pulls off tight button-ups.

4. The Flashy Sweater

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He wants to see and be seen (emphasis on the latter), so he'll wear and say anything to stand out. When you fight, he never lets you get a word in.

5. The Cable Knit

He's sensitive and always starts the day with a positive affirmation. He writes you poems on the daily, and when you rarely do get into arguments, he's the first to apologize.

6. The Hoodie

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He's easygoing and would rather have takeout for date night than try the new restaurant in town. He also may or may not be a teenage boy.

7. The V-Neck Sweater

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He's a rare breed: cool and cocky with hint of preppy. You totally trust each other, so you'll gladly hit the bar with the ladies while he's out with the guys.

8. The Athletic Sweater

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He's really talented and good at what he does. He may spend a lot of time at work, but you know you're always priority number one. Oh yeah!

9. The Spirited Sweater

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He gives everything 100 percent, especially your relationship. He'll be the first to dress up for a themed party — heck, he'll even suggest you throw one together.

10. The Turtleneck

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He's smart but shy in a cute way. Luckily his (lack of) fashion sense doesn't match his personality, because he's witty and you two can talk for hours about current events.

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