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Hot Math Teacher Does "Hotline Bling" Dance

If All Precalculus Teachers Were This Hot, the World Would Be WAY Better at Math

Listen up, principals everywhere: we've officially found a way to guarantee perfect attendance in high schools. Simply hire this supercute teacher to teach every class! A video posted by a precalculus student has gone viral on Twitter, and for good reason — her hot math teacher dressed as Drake for Halloween, complete with his own rendition of the rapper's adorably dorky "Hotline Bling" dance moves. Does anyone know his number? Because we'd sure like to call him on his cell phone.

If every calculus teacher was this handsome, the world would be way better at math — if students could tear their eyes away from the instructor, anyway! So stay in school, kids . . . your next teacher might be an A+ on the hotness scale. The rest of us will simply have to entertain ourselves with this charming video.

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