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How Does Each Zodiac Sign Fight in a Relationship?

How Each Zodiac Sign Fights in Their Relationships

How Does Each Zodiac Sign Fight in a Relationship?
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How do you fight in a relationship? Ruby Miranda for YourTango shares how different zodiac signs handle things when arguments ensue.

It's all about communication.

You know that moment when you just smell trouble brewing inside your partner's head? Like, at any second, they're going to blow and only you know how that's going to look, because when they let loose and get aggressive in a lover's quarrel, they "do" certain things? Tell-tale signs that let you know just how the dreaded fight is going to go down?

Nobody likes to fight with their partner (unless of course you're a Virgo, but we'll get into that later). Still, sparring with one's lover can cause incredible stress. But the interesting thing is that no one fights the exact same way, especially when we use astrology. And when it comes to how the zodiac signs fight in relationships, no two signs hit the dojo mat for some argumentative distraction the same way.

Each zodiac sign expresses anger and defense in their own way, and how they go about holding up their end of the ramrod depends on the traits they've pulled from their astrological background. Here's how they show up for a fight, within the context of their romantic relationship.

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