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How to Start a Business With Your Partner

POPSUGAR / paid for by / KEURIG®

Building a business from scratch is a challenge in and of itself, but taking on that venture with your significant other adds an entirely new layer to the puzzle. In pursuit of the perfect recipe for cooking up a fruitful business, we turned to a dynamic duo who've taken the Los Angeles food scene by storm. Dan Tran and June Quan have transformed their love of covetable cuisine into three thriving food carts — Shrimp Daddy, Chi Chi Dango, and Young Bud — strengthening their relationship in the process. So what exactly is the secret ingredient to their success? A mutual love of their Keurig® K475 coffee maker is an excellent start. Take a peek at our video to find out the rest!

As part of our Book of Life series, we've partnered with Keurig® to share how couples can take the exciting next step in their relationships: starting a successful business!

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