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How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

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Wondering if someone's actually being honest with you? We partnered with GSN's Lie Detectors for tips to tell if you're being tricked.

Being deceived is never a good thing, so knowing if someone is dishing the truth is so helpful. And you might want to take these tip-offs into consideration the next time you try to pull off a white lie too. Some signs are pretty obvious (hello, sweating), while others might surprise you. But each individual is different, with various ways of dealing with being untruthful.

  1. Thinking hard: Most think if a person isn't being honest they'll seem shifty, but lying isn't easy and takes lots of concentration. If you're chatting with someone and then they suddenly seem to be thinking too much, it's a sign you might not be hearing the truth.
  2. Missing details: Most fibbers have a hard time keeping a story straight, so when pushed for further details, there might be missing chunks unaccounted for. While listening to a story, if the timeline seems off, someone could be pulling a fast one. Put the situation in check by asking an unexpected question — you'll probably get to the truth.
  3. Shifty eyes: Missing eye contact? Yeah, someone might be hiding something from you. Same goes for quick head movements and lots of blinking — basically general unease.
  4. Falsetto voice: And if you start noticing a change of speech tempo along with a higher tone of voice, it's also a sign something might be off.
  5. Face touching: Another tip-off of someone being deceitful is face touching. You might also notice facial ticks or quick changes of expression. Just watch closely, and you'll pick up on ticks.
  6. Dropped first person: You might also start noticing first person being dropped from the conversation, along with a lack of emotional words.
  7. Trust your gut: If something seems off, go with your gut. If you feel you're being lied to, your instincts are probably right.
  8. Lacking facial features: When someone is fabricating the truth, they might not seem genuinely animated when having a conversation. A smile might not fully light up the face or you might notice lips slightly turned down when the person is smiling or talking.
  9. Less chitchat: If you notice someone stops talking in the middle of a conversation, this might be another tip they aren't being genuine.

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