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How to Update Your Tinder Profile

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Online dating can be exhausting and exciting, which is why we partnered with Catastrophe, now streaming on Amazon Prime, for this post.

Hitting Tinder is one way to find somebody to flirt with and potentially meet, turning into a new relationship. It's a heart-pounding experience that can cause your tummy to flutter over a future love connection. But if you're finding matches are more about hooking up than anything long term, it might be time to make a few changes. That's where your coupled friends can help turn everything around. Not sure if handing over your phone is such a good idea? We have five reasons you should right now.

  1. They care about you: Your friends see you differently than a future significant other and know things about you that would attract someone with similar interests. Let them give your "About Me" section a rewrite and then update based on their changes. You'll probably find there's more focus on your positive attributes and cute quirks. And bonus for extra eyes on grammar.
  2. They see through clichés: People aren't always superhonest when it comes to online dating, and right swipes might be more about looks than anything. Your coupled friends will see past the hottie who just wants a hookup and find potential matches you might normally dismiss. Let your friends take over your swipes for a night and see what happens.
  3. They want you to be you: Once you start chatting, think about the conversation like a job interview. Your coupled friends get it — this isn't simple chitchat, it's about making an honest connection. You want to grab his attention and be interesting, otherwise it's boring. And don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know who you're chatting with. Hand over your phone to your long-term-relationship friend and let her take over chats with matches and see what happens.
  4. They want you to look good: Honestly? Your coupled-up friends want you to be happy and in a healthy relationship, which means they want you to look the best you can. Go through your photos and remove any group pictures or ones where you don't look like yourself. Be daring and let your friend select or take your new profile pic.
  5. Because it's fun! There's something seriously liberating about letting someone you trust take over your Tinder profile for a night or even a week. You might feel more adventurous and open to meeting matches and start seeing how you interact with others in a completely new way. Take the challenge and see what happens!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO