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Infidelity Confessions

21 Infidelity Confessions

I'm addicted to cheating on my husband. I have no idea how to be faithful.

As much as we hate to admit it, the thought of cheating is not uncommon when you're in a relationship. The good thing is, these thoughts are harmless unless acted upon. These bold (and shocking) infidelity confessions from our friends over at Whisper might leave you speechless or relating to a few.

I'm having an affair. I feel terribly guilty for cheating on my husband. But I can't stop. I'm in love with the other guy

I'm having an affair, I don't know how to leave my husband. I just want to be free from him and with my other guy

Sometimes I cheat on my husband when he is sleeping in our room at night.

I'm cheating on my husband with a woman

I cheat on my husband, because I fell out of love a long time ago

I've been having an affair for almost a year with my old boss. He is over twice my age and we are both married with children.

I cheat on my wife because I know she's seeing someone else behind my back

Everyone thinks I'm such a nice guy, but I've been cheating on my wife for years.

I can't get over the guy I had an affair with. I don't love my husband but can't imagine breaking up my family.

I cheat on my husband whenever I have the chance. He hasn't satisfied my needs since we first started dating, and I hate him for it!

I'm not in love. I cheat on my husband. I'm just too scared to get a divorce.

My biggest fear is my husband coming home early while I'm having an affair with his best friend. Daily.

I cheat on my husband and I just found out he cheats on me too. Makes me kind of glad I will be single again.

I cheat on my wife at least twice a month. I love the thrill.

I cheat on my wife all the time but I also give to charity and help people in need. Figure that makes me karma neutral

I am addicted to sex. I can't get enough. I cheat on my husband almost daily.

My husband said he's never divorcing me because he doesn't want our kids to be in a broken home. So I told him I'm having an affair and he said "ok but our family stays together."

I cheat on my husband a lot but sometimes feel bad about it. It's too fun to stop. Am I normal?

The guy I'm cheating on my husband with says he loves me. It made it all too real. I have to end it.

Today I finally ended the affair I was having, I'm going to work on saving my marriage.

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