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Inflatable Man Pool Float

This Pool Float With a 6-Pack Is Swooping In to Be Your Summer Bae — No Tinder Necessary

Do you feel that? The light Summer breeze slowly making its way through the cooler months? Well, that is the official sign of the end of cuffing season — you know, that time of year when the shivering temperatures make you want to settle down with a bae and spend weekends cuddling up indoors instead of, say, enjoying the weather. Summer is rapidly approaching and the need to stay indoors is a thing of the past. We've got a new collection of bathing suits ready to flaunt, we're gathering our tanning essentials, and next on the agenda is finding the ultimate pool float.

Insert: the Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring Float ($29). Not only will he hold your drink and your body with a smile on his face (just look at those muscles), but he won't tell you that "Saturdays are for the boys." The best part? Shoppers on Amazon have even named their inflatable boyfriends. With one person saying "'Chad' was a huge hit at a bachelorette party," and another mentioning the "lovingly named Stavros," it's safe to say the float is a hit. The Hunk Ring Pool Float ($20) is also available on Always Fits for a lower price. Shop "Chad" below.

Inflatable Man Pool Float
Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring Float
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Hunk Ring Pool Float
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